Friday, June 29, 2012

Ruffled burlap wreath.

Now that the chaos has died down a little around here, it's project time. I just completed this ruffled burlap wreath.

It's kind of a copycat of something I saw while browsing the craft store. That said wreath, though, was $40. This one cost me $3 (I reused burlap from the placemats and arch at our wedding, and already had glue for the gun, so all I bought was the foam wreath).

This was so easy to make. Pretty quick too! I may add some interchangeable rosettes or something for seasonal affect. I haven't decided. Let me know if you have ideas!

Step one. Cover the wreath in strips of burlap, fastening them with drops of hot glue.

Step two. Cut up a whole bunch of burlap squares, fraying the edges as you go. Choose any color burlap you want. Cut the squares any size you want, depending on how tight or full you want the wreath. Mine at 4 inches square.

Step three. Fold the squares. I tried folding every which way I could think of to add variation in texture. Sometimes I folded corner to corner and glued the point tot he wreath, sometimes I didn't fold them at all; I just glued them in place then manipulated it around surrounding pieces. There really is no way to mess up this part.

Step four. Glue in place. Ta daa!

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  1. i seriously love this! so simple and so adorable! changeable rosettes would be so cute on it too!