Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overnight sock curls.

Time for some haaaair talk! This head of hair I was blessed with is fine, thin and stick-straight. Curling it with heat damages it...plus the curls fall out five minutes later. Then I discovered...TA DAH...
There are many different how-tos and videos floating around the net. I used this one because it's simple and ideal for my hair type and length.

Simply wrap your damp hair around the sock then tie it up. Use more hair per sock for bigger curls, obviously. My whole head only needed four socks total. It was a little uncomfortable to sleep on, but I think after practicing placement and stuff, it'll get better.

The concept is the same as sponge rollers or old-time rag curls.

This is what my hair looked like first thing this morning after removing the socks.

I brushed it out, sprayed some finishing mist and was out the door. The miraculous thing about it all? This is what my hair looks like now (six hours later).

The curls have relaxed a lot (which is what I hoped for) and now they're just beachy and easy. I should also note this is dirty two-day-old hair. Normally it'd be up in an ugly pony. This is much better and will prolly be my new favorite thing.


  1. My hair is the same way just straight and normal. Its hard for curls to stay in my hair also. I never heard of this idea but it looks like it does a pretty good job. Thanks for posting!

  2. cute! I'm so jealous! My hair needs to grow out so I can do this. I love soft curls.