Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anthropologie fantasies.

Today, like most days, I'm fantasizing about Anthropologie. Something about their marketing, photos, styling and copy...aaww love. It's just love.

Rarely do I actually make purchases from here (I mean, come on. check the price tags), but what's to stop me from daydreaming? Besides, a lot of the time we find fun treasures similar to these in little shops around town. It's time for a boutique bonanza.

A colorful, quirky living room with these pieces.

A vibrant, owl-infused kitchen

A clean, earthy bedroom

What little delights do you fancy?


  1. I love love love love anthro! Wish I could afford even a scrap of paper there ;)!



  2. love anthro- definitely one of my favorites, but i agree... the price tag makes me frown more often than not! love the new blog idea! :)