Saturday, April 9, 2011

Potholder wall art in the kitchen.

Do you see mister owl hiding in that knit?

The big, bare kitchen wall finally has color. LOTS of it. I'm not sorry. I think it turned out great. Chris likes it too (despite the 22 holes).

Most are crocheted, but some are knit. The knitted ones were made by my Grandma Janis for our wedding. She's so cute--she loves cows and decorates her kitchen in them. When she asked me "what theme is your kitchen," I didn't really know what to say. (I don't do themes. I do eclectic.) So I just blurted out "OWLS" (because I love them) and she whipped us up some rags. Sweet story, huh?

In between jobs I had a week break where my gramma taught me the basics of crocheting. 1)IT HURTS MY HANDS SO MUCH. 2)I can't believe how intricate it is. Mess up one knot and BAAM. You're screwed. 3)I have new, profound respect for all of you crocheters out there.

When I have some more time on my hands, I'll try again to pick it up. I just love the look.


Since I did not want to wait for myself to become pro, I searched the web for colorful potholders. I like the idea that some sweet old lady spent hours making these pretties and now they will be enjoyed for years in our home. These all came from Etsy. In no particular order:


  1. I love your pot holder IDEA!! how is it coming along anyway? love your face <3 you are just amazing my friend.

  2. This is it! Does it not look finished?

  3. HA! no It looks great I thought it was where you go the idea from. <3 it