Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hues that dazzle: multicolor confetti.

I found this lovely image on Green Wedding Shoes. What a fun idea for a photoshoot: confetti! Check out these other adorable confetti ideas.

A note about mom (since it is almost Mother's Day): My mom is a huge confetti advocate. She uses it every chance she gets. Somehow, she even got a hold of some while she was in Iraq. Most letters I got from her were full to the top with sparkling confetti bits (sometimes it was holiday-themed and wasn't relevant to the time of year, but it was the confetti thought that counted). One day my dog barfed a confetti star. I blamed mom. Her other choice for card-fill? GLITTER. The fine, fairy dust kind that gets stuck down your bra and on your face and in the grains of your carpet.

It's a sweet thought--the symbolism of confetti. The fun, bright, colorful and care-free images it evokes. I'm happy mom made it mean more to me...

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