Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's talk about hair.

Hair isn't a huge thing at our house. In other words, there are other things I choose to spend my time worrying about. Chris, mister thick, full head of hair, would rather shave his. I'd rather throw mine in a pony so I can sleep an extra half hour in the mornings.


Ever since I saw this ombre hair phenomenon, I've been totally intrigued. It's natural looking but also brightens things up with the sun-kissed ends. And don't forget the low maintenance factor. I won't need another coloring for MONTHS.

Weird photos. It's the best I could do with the self portraiture.

Also, are these not the cutest business cards you've ever seen? This is the gal who did my hair. If you're in the SLC area, I recommend her. It's Breanne's sister-in-law and she's at Dexterity. 

She styled my hair the night of my mom's fancy promotion ceremony. I made this feather rosette clip thingamajig, too. 

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