Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY: how I made my own wedding bouquet.

Since it's wedding season, I wanted to post about this. My mom and I made my bouquet (pictured above). The morning of my wedding. In about an hour. At first the idea seemed intimidating, but after searching blogs and DIY sites, I realized it's such an easy thing to DIY. Especially if you're like me and would rather pay less while getting the perfect personal result. So here's what we did:
  1. Searched local markets for fresh flowers the night before wedding. I bought maybe three or four grocery store bouquets. (I didn't have wedding colors or a specific palette. I just wanted a variety of wildflowers in bright, lovely hues.)
  2. We took the bouquets apart and plucked our favorite stems.
  3. Then, we arranged the stems and began to shape the bouquet using just our hands and a vase as a guide. We picked a big, spiky purple flower as the focal point then adjusted around that.
  4. Once it looked perfect, we wrapped (at the base of the blooms) the stems in thick twine. You could use floral tape and cover with fabric or anything really. The plain ol' twine worked perfectly for us, though.
  5. Finally, to get that blunt stem look at the base, we cut them in one swift motion with a pair of giant garden shears we found in the garage. Worked out great. It held up great all night, too.

With the flowers leftover (what wasn't used in the bouquet) my mom made Chris a boutonniere. She used twine to wrap around the pin, concealing it wonderfully. Good job, mom!

With the rest of what wasn't used, we made simple little centerpieces by sticking the stems inside recycled bottles that I dolled up.

All in all, DIY floraling = a success! I highly recommend it. To see more of my wedding photos, check out the other blog. Hop over to this post to see more DIY from our wedding.

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