Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our home: it's been a year!

So it's been a year. One year down, being homeowners. I couldn't ask for a better situation. I love our neighbors. To our right we have considerate, cute, young Nabors who don't hesitate to do date night with us. To our left we have kind, caring Steve who's the dad to Otis (Sam's best bud). Steve brought us dinner the other night while we were out painting the garage walls. Green chili enchiladas. YUMARAMA.

I love our HOA community and the fact we don't have to do yard work. We have beautifully landscaped grass and trees all around us.

The house. Oh we love the house. It's new, we picked out everything in it, we built it and lived in it and filled it with love and decorated with care. Don't worry though--decorating is not complete. (I am painting accent walls soon!)

Our mortgage is reasonable. I'm so glad we bought when we did.

I love that Farmington recycles and we have our own bin for that stuff. (No more driving to the facilities and sorting it all myself.)

Thank goodness we have Sam, and hopefully another dog (soon!) to keep him company when we're making a living.

We've come a long way since our first night. Remember when I was thrilled to have walls? Our roots are here now and it's everything we hoped for and more. Go us!

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