Friday, September 16, 2011


Let's talk about hair for a second. I've been very excited about mine lately. Here's why. The thing is, my hair has never grown. It's never been this long (past my shoulders). Ever. In the past couple years, though, suddenly it's started to grow and even seems to be getting a little thicker. I've tried all kinds of shampoos and special hair treatments (essential oils, vitamins, etc.) and some things seemed to help. Nothing was noticeably wonderful.

Wanna know why I think it's suddenly snapped out of its funk? Happiness. I'm happy now. Hair and skin are so in tune with our hormones and stress levels. Now, at 26, I think I'm finally balancing out.

I keep growing it out as a testament to this happiness. Sort of a symbol. In fact, I think I am more of a short-haired sassy kind of girl. But for now, I'm going to keep it how it is, trim it every couple of months, and see what happens.

 Here's to hair n happiness! 

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