Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rust maxi skirt.

You guys. I never thought I'd find a rust maxi skirt. RUST. It's a great fall color. I'll prolly wear it every season, though. Not sorry.

It came from this terrific boutique in SLC called Koo De Ker. I've purchased a few items from here over the past few months, and I have to's top notch stuff. You should go there. I love that their stuff is made in the U.S.A. This particular skirt, by the way, is ideal because it's light, flowy and made outta jersey (forgiving) fabric.

In other great (fashion) news: my boots came. You can sort of see them in the photo. They are these


  1. I love those boots! I want to get some combat boots that I found at target, but my ankles resemble toothpicks, so boots just don't work. stupid.
    Amazing skirt, too.

  2. P.S. my word for the word verification was "sperm" pahahahaha. I'm totally busting up!

  3. I cannot think of a more appropriate verification word.

  4. Super nice! I'm also into maxi skirts now...on the hunt for more colors :)