Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rain-theme shower invitations.

Imagine it with a shiny, 3D umbrella in the center.
My friend and I created these rain shower-themed shower invitations for Amanda's bridal party. What a blast. I've always wanted to do a shower-themed shower. I found the inspiration for these invites somewhere on Pinterest. And I didn't pin it. DUH. Now I cannot find the original image and I feel terrible because I can't give credit where it's due. But. We did make these special with custom fonts and colors that go with Amanda's shiny city wedding. Each one is fixed to a different piece of craft paper. I redacted the image so the address and phone number aren't showing. But you get the main idea. Cute, fun times.

Here's a photo of a finished, printed invite with the metallic umbrella attached. 
This is a crappy picture.
(I'm not a graphic designer. Or photographer.)

The shower itself is going to have some pretty rainy day details, too. Photos to come!

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