Sunday, January 1, 2012

Over the couch.

Not much going on on the home decor front at my house. I am slowly but surely adding pieces to my above-the-couch decor. This is what it looked like when we first started hanging things. And now, after a few new pieces:

 I found this little magnet board for $2 at the craft store clearance section. I thought it would be a fun way display photos and other little things. Plus, this way it can be changed out regularly. (Though I doubt I will take grandpa's photo down.) We hung it with a decorative wall tack.

My bff Winter gave me this frame. We put lace-printed craft paper inside. I think it adds cool pattern and color to the eclectic wall. 

Colorful and thoughtful.

We will continue to build onto this arrangement. As you can see,there's lots of wall space to cover. 


  1. So cute! I'm wanting to do a photo collage above my couch, too. I'm way intimidated, though. Not sure how to make it look, well, good. Love yours!!

    Rebecca (hearts)...

  2. Rebecca! It's easy! Just start compiling all your stuff and arrange it on the floor then take a digital photo so you can refer to it when arranging on the wall. Measure from top to bottom and side to side then mark that on the wall. It makes it easier.