Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Minty green accent walls.

The house is one step closer to being a home. Yep, we have been in there for almost two years and I'm still not done. Will I ever be? No, prolly not.

A couple weeks ago we painted the trim/floorboards on the main floor of our house (doing the whole thing was too intimidating of a feat). That part was boring compared to what came next. AN ACCENT WALL. I'm so sick of one tone, boring color paint across the house. Plus, I sort of love painting.

This wall runs from the living room into the kitchen. I decided to do the whole thing mint green (actual color is sea anemone by Martha Stewart, mixed by Behr, because it was cheaper).
 The living room wall.

 Another view of the living room wall, and how it runs into the kitchen.

 This is in the kitchen, on the way out to the garage. You can really see the color popping here against the white and tan.

 What else would I have done with all the leftover paint swatches, but frame them and hang it on my wall collage?

This is what our house looks like (well, before we moved in). The kitchen is so dark. Ever since I saw the cabinets with the black appliances for the first time, I have been slightly regretful that we chose those colors while we were building. So dang dreary, so I'm always trying to find ways to brighten it up (i.e. the potholder wall). This accent wall (paired with the new white trim) worked beautifully. It's much brighter in there now.

Chris likes modern, clean walls. One color. Nothing too exciting. But even he was thrilled with the outcome of this wall. I was shocked when these words came out of his mouth: "It might be fun to do a tangerine accent wall somewhere in the house."


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  1. love the framed color swatches, so cute! looks like a great color!