Thursday, August 4, 2011

New ink.

I got a second tattoo! Ever since I got the first one on my 18th birthday, I have wanted more. The creativity wasn't flowing, though, and I couldn't think of anything that would be a welcome, permanent addition to my body. Until now.

This photo isn't the best. I will take a good one once it's healed. (It's still bloody!) Lost Art (Anthony) did a fantastic job working with me on sizing and placement. I was seriously stressed and originally wanted it all on one line. The font was too small for that. They didn't want it all running together and turning blobby in two years. We're liking two lines even better. It's perfect.

The script says "If wishes were fishes I'd wish a whale for you." In this pretty typeface:

The font is called Jane Austen and can be downloaded for free here.

Backstory on this phrase:
This little line of text has huge meaning to me, Chris and his whole family. Remember when we got married and instead of a guest book we made a wishing tree? It was a huge hit with most wedding guests! But Grandpa Betten was stumped about what to write. He was a man of few words, but always good words like aphorisms, optimistic thoughts and an occasional dirty joke.

With a little encouragement from Christine, he didn't give up. He jotted something on the tag and sat down. At the time, I didn't have a clue it was that sweet little analogy. 

Shortly after our wedding, Grandpa fell terribly ill. His condition couldn't be diagnosed and he got worse, fast. When he passed, we were shocked and of course saddened to the core. I wrote this post when I was feeling confused about how to honor him. Words didn't work. Crying didn't help.

A couple days after his death, Chris and I were feeling particularly sad. We were having a day when the pain felt stronger. In order to feel closer to him, we turned to the wishing tree to find his note. "If wishes were fishes I'd wish a whale for you." To read those words and feel the sincerity and see his sweet handwriting was so comforting. We cried for a long time, with little furry Sam sitting in our laps, wondering what was up.

What better way to commemorate Grandpa? At the same time, when I look down at my arm I am reminded of that special day and those vows we made to each other and the faith that grandpa has in our marriage. It brings me such peace. I love it.   


  1. LOVE it! i love a good tattoo with a special meaning behind it. what a sweet memory!

  2. First, that is so sweet.

    Second, I love Lost Art. I've had two tattoos done there and they are so good!

  3. I am usually not a tattoo fan but I LOVE the story and meaning behind it. What a wonderful way to honor your grandpa! What a cute saying!

  4. Thanks for your support! It's healed up and it looks great.