Monday, August 15, 2011

An outfit post: mustard and aqua.

I got a pinterest account! I'll be honest. I don't quite understand how it works yet. I did manage, though, to install the PIN IT button and start marking things I like. At first, I thought I was supposed to be pinning things of my own. Oops. Shameful self-plug.

Anyway, I found this outfit on pinterest and was completely inspired by the colors. (Isn't this girl cute?) They scream end of summer. So I tried it myself with items in my closet and snapped these photos at work just now. 

I could have fancied it up a bit with some gold jewelry or something. But it's Monday morning, people. Getting out of bed was already too much to ask.

Bottom half of the outfit: flared, high-waist khakis and brown wedges. It's simple. But cute. An improvement from the go-to office greys, blacks and whites. Also pictured: my old, gross space heater that saves my life.

Other inspiring pairings of mustard and aqua: This outfit, these dishes, this handmade jewelry.

Happy Monday!


  1. LOVE your outfit and I LOVE pinterest. I find outfit ideas on pinterest all the time.

  2. weird, just learned about pinterest a couple of days ago, and now i stumble here and hear about it again